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Publications from 2020 and before are not direct results of the SFI MediaFutures, but are key results from our team members working on related topics in MediaFutures.

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VXSlate: Combining Head Movement and Mobile Touch for Large Virtual Display Interaction Conference

Khanh-Duy Le; Tanh Quang Tran; Karol Chlasta; Krzysztof Krejtz; Morten Fjeld; Andreas Kunz

2021 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW). IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., 2021.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Human computer interaction, Human-centered computing, Interaction techniques, SFI MediaFutures, Virtual Reality, WP4: Media Content Interaction and Accessibility | Links:


With a little help from my peers: depicting social norms in a recommender interface to promote energy conservation Conference

Alain D. Starke; Martijn C. Willemsen; Chris C.P. Snijders

no. March 2020, 2020.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Decision Support System, Human computer interaction, Human-centered computing, Information Systems, User studies | Links: