Last Updated on November 30, 2021 by Anna Pacholczyk

MediaFutures’ Work Package 3 held its 5th industry partner workshop on Friday, November 26th. The gathering aligned plans for 2022, informed  the parties involved about upcoming  projects and activities, and discussed the partners’ contributions. Postdoctoral Fellow Researcher and PhD candidate in WP3 were provided with the opportunity to present their research projects. The meeting had a hybrid form and was partially held in Media City Bergen’s MediaLab.

“The purpose of the fifth industrial workshop of WP3 was to discuss research plans for 2022 and beyond, and also to introduce our new team members, Post-Doc Ghazaal Sheiki and Phd candidate Sohail Khan. A series of seminars this spring had resulted in a milestone report about industrial needs, challenges and expectations for WP3. In response, the research partners presented prioritised research areas for the next years of WP3, including project plans for Ghazaal and Sohail, which were discussed at the workshop”, says Prof. Andreas Lothe Opdahl, Work Package 3 leader.

“It was great to meet with the industry partners in-person and present our plans for the next year. They appreciated our presentations, asked a lot of good questions about our projects, and offered their support and valuable resources required for our research”, adds PhD candidate in WP3, Sohail Khan.

Media Content Production and Analysis

Work Package 3 aims at developing solutions that produce verified and relevant content effectively while employing engaging narratives. The WP’s objective is to analyze user-generated and other media content with respect to quality and validity; extract data, information and knowledge from media content; and provide these results to algorithms that support (semi-) automated multi-modal content production. The WP cooperates with biggest media and tech partners in Norway, among them TV2, Schibsted and Vimond.