Trattner et al. – “Responsible media technology and AI: challenges and research directions”

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MediaFutures’ latest publication “Responsible Media Technology and AI: challenges and research direction” appeared in Springer Nature’s AI & Ethics in December 2021.

The last two decades have witnessed major disruptions to the traditional media industry as a result of technological breakthroughs. New opportunities and challenges continue to arise, most recently as a result of the rapid advance and adoption of artificial intelligence technologies. On the one hand, the broad adoption of these technologies may introduce new opportunities for diversifying media offerings, fighting disinformation, and advancing data-driven journalism. On the other hand, techniques such as algorithmic content selection and user personalization can introduce risks and societal threats. The challenge of balancing these opportunities and benefits against their potential for negative impacts underscores the need for more research in responsible media technology.

In the open access paper, MediaFutures’s researchers describe the major challenges that come with modern media technology and outline various places in the media production and dissemination chain that need better approaches. The paper stresses the importance of a comprehensive approach to research in responsible media technology, and a close cooperation between the media industry and academic institutions.


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