Sohail Ahmed Khan

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PhD Candidate
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Work Package 3
University of Bergen



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Sohail is a PhD candidate at MediaFutures and University of Bergen. He holds an MSc in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sheffield, UK. Prior to joining MediaFutures, Sohail worked as a research assistant at Mohamed bin Zayed University of AI, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Before that, he worked as a remote research assistant at CYENS Centre of Excellence, Nicosia, Cyprus. His research interests intersect deep learning, computer vision and multimedia forensics. Sohail is currently associated with the MediaFutures' WorkPackage 3, i.e., Media Content Production and Analysis.

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Publications from 2020 and before are not direct results of the SFI MediaFutures, but are key results from our team members working on related topics in MediaFutures.

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