Upcoming mid-term evaluations

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Scheduled for March 28th, MediaFutures has arranged for mid-term evaluations of the centre’s two PhD candidates, Ayoub El Majjodi and Anastasiia Klimashevskaia. The PhD candidates will showcase their research progress, current findings, and discuss their plans.

PhD candidate Ayoub El Majjodi

Title:  NUDGING BEHAVIORS WITH RECOMMENDERS: Personalization and Behavioral Analytics for Better Decision-Making.

When & Where: March 28th at 10.00 – 10.45, MediaFutures 

Abstract:  Decision-making is a cognitive process. In our day-to-day lives, we make a large number of decisions, often based on automatic cognitive processes that are scientifically prone to bias and heuristics. Technology has become a consistent presence in every aspect of society, from information sharing and acquisition to a tool for behavior and decision-making change. With the ubiquity of the internet as a platform for sharing food images, recipes, cooking videos, food diaries, restaurant suggestions, and experienced food diets, users often struggle to choose what food items are appropriate for their health. Recommender systems can reveal relevant content specifically for each user, while nudges can steer decision-making in an interface and other choice architectures. The main goal of this research project is to investigate the incorporation of recommender systems and nudge mechanisms to assist and enhance users’ decision- making towards more sophisticated, sustainable, and healthy food choices.
Main supervisor: Christoph Trattner
Co-Supervisor: Alain Starke
Additional Committee Member: Mehdi Elahi.

PhD candidate Anastasiia Klimashevskaia

Title: Investigating Bias Mitigation Techniques for Fairness and Diversity in Recommender Systems

When & Where: March 28th at 13.00 – 13.45, MediaFutures