Anastasiia Klimashevskaia

PhD Candidate

University of Bergen
Anastasia Klimashevskaia is a PhD student at the University of Bergen. Born in 1995 in Orel, Russia, she obtained a bachelor degree at Moscow State University for the Humanities with the main focus on Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing and Robotics. To broaden the horizons, Anastasia has moved to Graz, Austria and has completed a master program there at Graz University of Technology. Her master thesis was addressing the problem of creating automated summarisation system for American legislation committees' transcripts, in an attempt to create a news source utilizing the available legislation data and cater the facts in an accessible way to a wider audience minimising any bias in the new articles generated. This thesis was conducted in collaboration with California Polytechnic State University within a half-a-year research work in San Luis Obispo, California. Excited about solving such complicated tasks and make technology more user-friendly, fair and responsible, Anastasiia has decided to pursue further career in research and has been accepted to the University of Bergen and MediaFutures to a PhD position researching Recommender Systems. Apart from research, she is also passionate about painting and drawing, hiking, cooking and gaming.


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