MediaFutures Bergen and UMass Boston’s Applied Ethics Centre invite to panel event-series.

Over the past decade, we have witnessed astonishing protest events, with activists using social media platforms to mobilize masses and bring about change. Occupy’s Facebook Movement or MeToo’s hashtag activism shifted public’s attention to urgent matters, politicized everyday life, and supercharged democratic participation. However, there is increasing debate about the flipside of these forms of joint action. The ever-growing datafication of media behaviour for profit purpose, raises the issue of how new digital technology is not only enabling, but likewise challenging and restricting movement’s protests, and what it means to be an activist.

By bringing together philosophers, media scientists, and economists, the Boston-Bergen Forum on Digital Futures picks up these pressing conceptual and normative problems. Our event series will involve two virtual panel debates based on a collaboration between MediaFutures Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation as well as UMass Boston’s Applied Ethics Centre. The event series is co-sponsored by the Human Rights & Technology Program at the MIT Center for International Studies.

The panel debates will take place on October 21st and November 24th.

Zoom link for both events:

The event-series organizers:

Prof. Christoph Trattner, MediaFutures Centre Director

PhD Candidate Christopher Senf, University of Bergen

Assoc. Prof. Nir Eisikovits, UMass Boston, Applied Ethics Center

To view the posters as pdf, click the respective links:

Poster one

Poster two: October 21st

Poster three: November 24th