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I am the PI and Center Director of the Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology & Innovation – MediaFutures worth around 28 million EUR. I am also the founder of the DARS lab at UiB and hold a 10% senior researcher position in NORCE, one of Norway’s largest research institutions. I am also a External Lecturer at MODUL University Vienna, Austria’s leading international private university. I have received a PhD (with distinction), an MSc (with distinction) and a BSc in Computer Science and Telematics from Graz University of Technology (Austria). I am an ACM Senior Member and a former Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) fellow, Marshall Plan and European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERICM) fellow and have been working at Graz University of Technology from 2009-2012, the University of Pittsburgh from 2011-2012, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology from 2014-2015, and have been visiting Yahoo! Labs Barcelona in 2014 and CWI Amsterdam in 2015 two times. I position my research in two central specializations in the Information Science research field. The first is “Behavioral Data Analytics” and the second is “Recommender Systems”. Since 2009, I published over 100 scientific articles in top venues about my work and have acquired over 54 million Euros in funding on European and (inter) national – 30 millions as the PI. Examples of outlets were my work has been published includes NATURE Sustainability, PlosOne, JASIST, EPJ Data Science, UMUAI, WWW, ICWSM or ACM SIGIR. I am also the winner of several Best Paper/Poster Awards and Nominations, including, the Best Paper Award Honorable Mention at the prestegious CORE A* ranked The Web Conference in 2017. I regularly act as a (senior) PC member on several top-tier – CORE A* ranked – conferences and co-organize or co-chair a number of workshops and conferences. Recent examples include ACM RecSys in 2018 – 2020 (as co-chair) and ACM SIGIR 2020 – 2021 (as senior PC). I am a steering board member of CEDAS (Center for Data Science) at UiB, a member of the study program board of the Information Science program at UiB and a member of the editorial board of Elsevier’s journal on Online Social Networks and Media, and the MDPI Open Access Journal Future Internet. Since 2009, I have taught over 2000 students in Austria and Norway, in over 35 courses on BSc, MSc, MBA and PhD level about ICT and supervised over 35 students on their Master or PhD thesis.


Jannach, Dietmar; Jesse, Mathias; Jugovac, Michael; Trattner, Christoph

Exploring Multi-List User Interfaces for Similar-Item Recommendations Conference

29th ACM International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP '21) 2021.

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Trattner, Christoph; Jannach, Dietmar

Learning to Recommend Similar Items from Human Judgements Journal Article

User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction Journal, pp. 1-50, 2019, (Pre SFI).

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Ocaña, Marc Gallofré; Nyre, Lars; Opdahl, Andreas Lothe; Tessem, Bjørnar; Trattner, Christoph; Veres, Csaba

Towards a big data platform for news angles Workshop

Norwegian Big Data Symposium 2018, 2018, (Pre SFI).

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Sciascio, Cecilia Di; Brusilovsky, Peter; Trattner, Christoph; Veas, Eduardo

The Roadmap to User-Controllable Social Exploratory Search Journal Article

ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems, pp. 1-37, 2018, (Pre SFI).

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Elsweiler, David; Trattner, Christoph; Harvey, Morgan

Exploiting Food Choice Biases for Healthier Recipe Recommendation Conference

ACM SIGIR Conference 2017, (Pre SFI).

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Elahi, Mehdi; Hosseini, Reza; Rimaz, Mohammad H; Moghaddam, Farshad B; Trattner, Christoph

Visually-Aware Video Recommendation in the Cold Start Conference

Proccedings of theACM Hypertext 2020 2017, (Pre SFI).

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Mutlu, Belgin; Veas, Eduardo; Trattner, Christoph

VizRec: Recommending Personalized Visualizations Journal Article

ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS), 6 (4), pp. 1-40, 2016, (Pre SFI).

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