We are proud to announce the publication of the MediaFutures Annual Report for the year 2023. This public document serves as a showcase of MediaFutures’ activities, performance, staff, and funding throughout the preceding year. Within its pages, readers will find a detailed overview of the significant research endeavors undertaken by our team members, with a particular emphasis on capturing diverse perspectives.

The report delves into several key topics that have shaped MediaFutures’ work, introducing the individuals driving innovation within the organization. QR codes strategically placed throughout the report provide direct access to relevant articles, papers, and prototypes discussed within. Additionally, readers will gain insights into the center’s numerical metrics and its impactful contributions to national and international conferences and events.

As a convenient resource, the report concludes with a comprehensive list of our staff, publications, and funding sources. A PDF version of the Annual Report is available for download, while printed copies can be obtained at our office.

Download the MediaFutures Annual Report 2023 here.