On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, we want to cherish the remarkable impact women in MediaFutures have had on various domains, including the realm of research.

SFI MediaFutures keeps a strong focus on equality and diversity. We are aware of the general underrepresentation of women in ICT, and emphasize therefore gender in recruitment processes.  Five out of seven doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows are women. Half of the staff in research positions are women. Additionally, the center has recently hired four new members in administrative roles, three of whom are women.

We also strive to maintain a balanced gender distribution during our annual conference. Last year, there was an equal gender distribution in panels and among our speakers. We worked to ensure an even gender distribution for participants presenting posters and demonstrations at the annual meeting, where six out of twelve were women. We also encourage women to take on leadership positions. The center has also focused on having a diverse group of individuals with various cultural backgrounds. As of now, the center has representatives from 10 different countries, and the working language of the center is English.

We are proud that women are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of media technology and AI. Let us take a moment to celebrate all women and to wish them continued success in their endeavours. Happy International Women’s Day!