In a time when the news can sometimes feel negative, NRK looked at how Norwegians, especially young people, use and avoid the news. With data from NRK’s ​​Youth survey, Reuters Digital News Report, Norsk Mediebarometer, Opinions UNG2024 and more, NRK sees some new features in how news is consumed – and avoided.

On February 16th, MediaFutures work package 1 hosted a lunch seminar on the development of news use and avoidance.

Seminar speaker was Ingvild Hjertaas, Media Researcher in NRK Analysis / NRK News. Ingvild worked 10 years in Aftenposten as product manager where she also was giving courses in digital tools and content production before she started in NRK in 2017. She has developed a highly effective understanding of what works and engages users online, and has played a key role in the development and operation of popular services such as quizzes and word games. 

The seminar was in Norwegian, and you can watch a recording of it below.