Generative AI has increased the threat of misinformation within our democratic society. Manipulated images, often hard to track, raise uncertainties about their origins. How can journalists make sure the picture is real? What if there was a way to embed unalterable metadata in photos?

MediaFutures is part of the project Reynir, consisting of editorial and media tech companies, interest organizations, and academics within Media City Bergen’s cluster. Together they develop technological solutions countering threats generated by AI and the spread of misinformation. Project Reynir is also funded by Agenda Vestlandet.

Reynirs members have already taken in use such technology. The C2PA technology verifies the origin of images and other media. The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) is a foundation setting standards on how to mark the origin of digital content. A hidden code insight the picture will make it impossible to edit the image without making trace. The code itself cannot be altered so that you always know the origin of the image. In simple terms, this is done by using watermarks and encrypted metadata, based on technology that has been in use for years in the banking and finance industry.

First tested in Sony cameras, the technology will soon be implemented in Adobe and Microsoft products and BBC will make use of it. Recently the industry-leading camera manufacturer Leica Camera AG launched the world’s first camera with the C2PA standard built-in. From glass to glass, from camera to mobile screen, C2PA will enhance transparency and trust in online content.

Current tasks undertaken by members of Reynir include addressing queries regarding user access to image information, the implementation of technology on third-party platforms, and the application of these principles to live broadcasts and article text.

MediaFutures has been working with on creating video and image verification during the Ukraine conflict by utilizing artificial intelligence to uncover controversial claims and facts through Factiverse. With project Renyir MediaFutures will expand the cooperation and continue working on such technologies for the society.