On November 16th and 17th, MediaFutures hosted its third Annual Meeting at the vibrant venues of Media City Bergen and Scandic Ørnen. Drawing a crowd of more than 150 registered attendees, the 2023 edition of the MediaFutures Annual Meeting proved to be an engaging and impactful gathering.

Day 1 started with an full packed workshop on AI policy with Charlotte Eide from the UiB Brussels Office, UiB Senior Advisor Vivil Haraldsen, MediaFutures researcher Nicholas Diakopoulos and University of Amerstand researcher Kimon Kieslich.

Afterwards, our keynote speakers Esther Paniagua and Ricardo Baeza-Yate sparked new ideas and thoughts on the topic of AI in journalism and the future of AI technology. We were happy to have those two excellent speakers also in the following panel discussion on generative AI and AI Policy together with the head of Schibsted Futures Lab, Andreas Bengtsson, as well as head of the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, Marija Slavkovik. The panel talk was moderated by Nicholas Diakopoulos.

In the afternoon, our students, PhDs, PostDocs and researchers were on stage presenting their work in compact 30 seconds to our audience competing for the title of the best presentation, poster and student demonstration. After some time where everyone could try and read about the demos and papers, three happy winners were announced. Congratulations to Florence Walker, Snorre Alsvåg and John Magnus Ragnhildson Dahl.

You can  find the posters digitally here

At the end of day 1 we gathered for dinner in Kulturhuset.

Day 2 started with short presentations from our work packages in Scandic Ørnen. After a tasty lunch, we continued with Florence Walkers presentation of her work on University and Industry collaboration, followed by a panel discussion on the topic. Together with Florence co-authors Enrico Motta and Irene Costera Meijer, also Schibsted Academic Liason Eivind Throndsen joined the talk. The panel talk was moderated by professor Leif Ove Larsen.

Day 2 ended with an inspiring world cafe session on the conferences main topics: Generative AI, AI Policy and UI collaboration.

We are looking forward to see you at MediaFutures next Annual Meeting in November 2024.