We invited students from all areas of media studies, information sciences, informatics and other related fields to submit poster and demo abstracts for our Annual Meeting on 16-17 November.

The demo and poster session will take place on-site at the Media City Bergen Atrium. The presenters of the demos and posters will be given the opportunity to pitch their posters.

Name Poster
Anastasiia Klimashevskaia Evaluating The Effects of Calibrated Popularity Bias Mitigation: A Field Study
Ayoub Majjodi How the user’s food knowledge and nudges effect the user experience?
Bilal Mahmood Editorial Component in a News Recommender System
Huiling You JSEEGraph: Joint Structured Event Extraction as Graph Parsing
Jia-Hua Jeng Affective News Framing
Marianne Borchevink-Brækhus What does it mean when people spend less time on news?
Peter Andrews AiCommentator: A Multimodal Conversational Agent for Embedded Visualization in Football Viewing
Sohail Khan Deepfake Detection: A Comparative Analysis
John Magnus Dahl What if all your news were from…
Erik Knudsen Nudge me towards a filter bubble!
Samia Touileb Measuring Normative and Descriptive Biases in Language Models Using Census Data
Daniel Rosnes Evaluating Feature-Specific Similarity Metrics using Human Judgments for Norwegian News
Florence Walker I Dreamt of Something Lost
Vanessa Marie Haaland Responsible Personalization of Advertisement on News Websites
Agnar haugbjørg Haugen Exploring Political Engagement and Communication in Twitch Chat: A User-Centric Perspective
Andreas Solberg Jensen Podcasts and platforms
Thomas Laag Context-awareness in media recommendations
Snorre Alvsvåg Personalized Playlists on TV 2 Play

In additon to the posters, 9 demos will be displayed showcasing recent work. The following researchers will present demos:


  • Anastasiia Klimanshevskaia
  • Ayoub Majjodi
  • Bilal Mahmood
  • Jia-Hua Jeng
  • Peter Andrews
  • Sohail Khan
  • John Magnus Dahl
  • Erik Knudsen
  • Daniel Rosnes