Last Updated on October 20, 2023 by Janina Wildermuth

We can proudly present the program of the AI Policy Workshop during our Annual Meeting. From 9am to 12am on day 1 of the Annual Meeting, four experts will exclusively talk about the following topics:

9am-10:30am: Getting on the EU Policy Train. Charlotte Eide and Vivil Haraldsen.

10:30am-11am: A Brief Primer on Global AI Policy. Nicholas Diakopoulos

11am-12pm: Developing Mitigation Strategies to Counter Negative Impacts of Generative AI. Kimon Kieslich and Nicholas Diakopoulos


Getting on the EU policy train

Vivil Valvik Haraldsen and Charlotte Eide

Are you interested in knowing more about EU policy making and opportunities to give input?

At this workshop you will get an overview of EU decision making processes relevant for the Research & Innovation sector, see examples of how you can give your input to a specific policy area or to research and innovation priorities in EU programmes, and explore upcoming opportunities for giving policy input in your field.

A Brief Primer on Global AI Policy

Nicholas Diakopoulos

You could spend all day every day reading about new AI policy proposals. Regulatory initiatives are well underway in the EU, but things are also developing in China, the US, and via various global organizations. In this session we’ll cover some of the highlights so you have a better overview of what’s happening in the world of AI policy. 

Developing Mitigation Strategies to Counter Negative Impacts of Generative AI 

Kimon Kieslich and Nicholas Diakopoulos

What policies are actually going to work to reduce the negative impacts of generative AI in media and society? In this interactive session we’ll present scenarios and develop policy approaches that might actually work to reduce those impacts.