On Day 2 of MediaFutures Annual Meeting 2023 Leif Ove Larsen, professor at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, will be hosting a session on collaboration between academia and the industry.

Paper presentation

Day 2, 13:00 at 

The session starts with a paper presentation by MediaFutures researcher Florence Jane Walker. The paper is written by Florence Jane Walker in collaboration with MediaFutures researcher Enrico Motta and Irene Costera Meijer. The team conducted a series of interviews with academics and industry professionals about their experiences with U-I (university-industry) collaboration.

Together they have been exploring what makes a collaboration more likely to succeed or fail and will present the results of the qualitative study she has undertaken.

In the presented paper the authors were using a more personal and emotion-based lens than previous studies in this field. According to the researchers collaboration is a deeply social and subjective activity whereas the role that emotion plays should not be overlooked.

Panel Discussion

Day 2, 13:20 at 

Afterwards, Florence and her co-authors will be joining a panel discussion on the same topic together with Eivind Throndsen, research coordinator in Schibsted.

Throndsen recently wrote an opinion piece in Khrono, addressing academia’s innovation challenges, particularly in the context of SFIs. With experience at Schibsted, a participant in two SFIs, including MediaFutures, Throndsen possesses valuable insights into academia-industry collaboration.

Even though SFIs have more time and money than the industry there are obstacles which hinder or slow down the development of new products and services, he writes.

One weak point is according to him the expectations and work routines in academia and the industry. Throndsen mentions also the discrepancy between usability and research standarts which may lead to misunderstanding when communicating new findings.