Last Updated on February 24, 2023 by Anna Pacholczyk

We are excited to unveil the newest sections on our website – the demos and posters pages. The newly created web sections showcase the research and the innovative work carried out across all five research groups at the centre.

The MediaFutures’ website has been instrumental in the dissemination of information regarding the centre’s activities and results. Last year the website has been redesigned and expanded through the creation of new pages such as Demos, Code, Admin Corner, Master Theses and Videos.

The Demos page has now undergone further updates, with the addition of exciting demonstrations. The page in question features seventeen demos created by our scientific team in collaboration with the centre’s industry partners including NRK, TV 2, Schibsted.

Among the listed demos one can find:   

  • Tank Classifier, developed by PhD candidate Sohail Ahmed Khan during his stay at The prototype assists journalists with the verification of images depicting military vehicles
  • Re-Ranker, built by PhD candidate Anastasiia Klimashevskaia in collaboration with the Norwegian commercial public broadcaster TV 2. Re-Ranker aims at tackling the problem of popularity bias in recommender systems, and at helping users to discover less mainstream media content
  • Ballspark, created by Njål Borch, the leader of the Media Content Interaction & Accessibility’ research group. The demo showcases automatic transcribing and speaker identification of the podcast Ballpark. It also gives the user the option to enable info links on subjects discussed during the podcasts


All of our demos, including the ones mentioned, are accompanied by a description that outlines the purpose of the demo, as well as the methodologies utilized in their developments. If applicable, the demos also include links to relevant research publications and to MediaFutures’ GitHub repository storing the source code and other related resources.

Poster site

Apart from the demo page, we have also launched a section that showcases research posters created by our scientists and affiliates. Visitors can click on any poster to access its larger PDF version, which allows for a more in-depth exploration of the content presented.

All posters that are displayed on our website were showcased and pitched during MediaFutures’ Annual Meetings in 2021 and 2022. Each year, at the centre’s annual conference, a panel of judges selects three of the best research papers. In 2022, the awards were given to PhD candidate Khadiga Saddik and master’s students Tiril Amalie Johansen, Svenja Lys Fostener & Thale Knudsen Kirkholm. You can visit the page and see the awarded posters for yourself.

What happens next?

We will continue developing and improving our website, as well as updating the newly added sections. Stay tuned for more!