Last Updated on March 11, 2022 by Anna Pacholczyk

In Meet the Team series we introduce our audience to the brilliant people working at MediaFutures. Get to know us better by discovering who we are and what we do.
This week we are interviewing Jonathan Geffen, PhD candidate in Work Package 4 – Media Content Interaction & Accessibility.

Can you give an introduction of yourself and your scientific background? 

My name is Jonathan Geffen, I am a PhD research fellow at SFI MediaFutures Work Package 4.Prior to joining MediaFutures I’ve worked as a researcher and software engineer in several tech companies.I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Film Studies from the Open University of Israel and a MSc in Interactive Media Technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.My master thesis research at KTH was focused on designing games for co-play between parents and their children in Roblox. This research project was conducted in collaboration with the Funomena game studio using their experimental game Magic Beanstalk.

Tell us about your research at MediaFutures and your role in Work Package 4.

I am part of Work Package 4 which is focused on Media Content Interaction and Accessibility.My exact research focus is still being defined; my initial concept is to improve the accessibility of new media content for older adults. The motivation behind this is to make sure that older adults can enjoy the same media content as younger users.

Things about MediaFutures you appreciate the most? 

I really appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of MediaFutures and the different personal and professional backgrounds of the team. The researchers here are looking at many different aspects of the intersection between media and technology which means you get a very broad understanding of the field. I also appreciate the connection to local media industry partners who are very motivated to experiment and explore innovative solutions with us.