Last Updated on February 14, 2022 by Anna Pacholczyk

On February 2, Assoc. Prof. Fazle Rabbi took over as co-leader in Work Package 3, along with Prof. Bjørnar Tessem. Rabbi succeeded Prof.  Andreas L  Opdahl, who vacated the position, but remains the work package’s task leader.

Associate Professor Fazle Rabbi has long and varied experience with software development in smaller and larger projects within a large spectrum of domain areas and technological solutions. He has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in software engineering from University of Oslo. Fazle’s research interests focus on model-based software engineering, data mining and machine learning. His research profile consists of software engineering related research: workflow modeling and its verification, metamodeling, building decision support system, multi-agent systems, process engineering, etc.

There are many interesting problems in information science and social science which fascinates him to take new challenges to solve them with scientific rigor. Together with Professor Yngve Lamo at HVL, Fazle has developed new model-based techniques for addressing many problems in the healthcare domain. He was involved in a collaborative project ( with Western Norway University of Applied Science, Haukeland University Hospital, Helse Bergen and Helse Vest IKT in Norway for improving public mental health through adaptive technology. Earlier, he was involved in academic research for developing workflows for two community-based health programs piloted in Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority (GASHA), Nova Scotia, Canada.

Fazle has also contributed in developing new techniques for teaching both in classroom and online platform. Together with researchers from Kenya and Vanderbilt University Medical Center he developed gamification approach for increasing student motivation and engagement in learning environments.


Picture credit: UiB