Last Updated on December 3, 2021 by Anna Pacholczyk

Closed to the public, the SFI Forum took place in Oslo earlier this week. Prof. Christoph Trattner, MediaFutures Centre director, was invited to present the centre at the assembly.

The forum, organized by the Research Council of Norway on an annual basis, constitutes a meeting arena for SFI-scheme funded centres, and other research institutions, and companies. In addition to discussions regarding administrative work, the forum provides networking and cross-centre experience sharing opportunities. The guests are also welcomed to hear selected centres’ self-introductions. This year Prof. Christoph Trattner was invited to present his research centre for the gathered audience.

“The SFI Forum was a fantastic event to meet other SFIs to discuss issues on implementing and running such centres. Interesting for me as a centre leader was to learn more about innovation and administration as well as to get more knowledge about the mid-term evaluation in 2024, and the research Council’s upcoming site visit in 2022. Also, I enjoyed to get to know our case officer  Solbjørg Rauset in person and SFI coordinator Liv Jorunn Jenssen, who gave an excellent admin walk through for us new SFIs”, says Prof. Christoph Trattner, MediaFutures Centre director.

“It was very useful and inspiring to see and network with all the different SFIs. Even though fields of study and research directions vary a lot, we also have many communication and organizational challenges in commom. It was also very helpful to understand how the Norwegian Research Council thinks and evaluates the outcomes”, adds Eivind Throndsen, research liaison from Schibsted.


SFI Centres

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) administers a number of funding schemes to promote excellence in research. One of them is the SFI (Centre for Research-based Innovation) scheme. The main objective of SFIs is to develop expertise in fields of importance for innovation and value creation. MediaFutures has been granted the SFI status in October 2020 for a period of eight years.

You can read more about the SFIs here.

Photo credit: Ola Roth Johnsen