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Photo: Evgeny Karandeav / Colourbox

The Department of Information Science and Media Studies submitted several RCN applications this february – 6 of them in relation to MediaFutures.

What is RCN? 

RCN stands for “Research Council of Norway” or in Norwegian NFR stands for “Norsk Forskningsråd”. The council invests 10 billion kroner a year in research and innovation projects on behalf of the government. Their task is to ensure that the best research and innovation projects receive funding.

The applications 

February 10th was the deadline for applying for research funding from NFR. The department of Information Science and Media Studies submitted as many as 6 applications in relation to MediaFutures, most of which belonged to the group called “Research Project for Renewal”. Centre Director Christoph Trattner views these figures very positively: 

“We in the centre management are very excited to see so much enthusiasm and ambition already at such an early stage of the centre. We just started and we are very happy to see so many additional ideas people generated to extend or build upon MediaFutures research.”

Centre Director Christoph Trattner

The process 

The MediaFutures-related applications applied for about 60 mill. kroner from NFR, and they will receive answers in June 2021. The proportion of approved applications is about 10% on a national basis. In the meantime we wish the applicants good luck.