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PostDoc Research Fellow
Fields of Competence
Audience datafication, Media democratization, Journalistic role performance, Comparative media systems, Media framing
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WP1: Understanding Media Experiences
University of Bergen


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Ana Milojevic is the Marie Sklodøwska Curie postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen. Within Horizon 2020 project Datafication, Media and Democracy: Transformation of news work in datafied society – DataMeDe, she examines the role of audience datafication in transformation of news-work. Milojevic is mainly interested in the changing role of journalism in the society, and focuses on the transitional and polarized media systems, and on the context of media transformation in the digital society. She has researched perceptions of journalists, editors, media owners, journalism students as well as media content, applying content and framing analysis. Milojevic has authored and co-authored dozen chapters in books and conference proceedings, and published in peer-reviewed journals including Journalism, European journal of communication, International journal of communication.


Kleut, Jelena; Milojevic, Ana

Framing Protest in Online News and Readers’ Comments: The Case of Serbian Protest “Against Dictatorship” Journal Article

International Journal of Communication, 15 (21), pp. 82-102, 2021.

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Milojevic, Ana; Krstić, Aleksandra

Hierarchy of influences on transitional journalism–Corrupting relationships between political, economic and media elites Journal Article

European Journal of Communication, 33 (1), pp. 37-56, 2018.

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Milojevic, Ana; Krstić, Aleksandra; Ugrinić, Aleksandra

The Future of Journalism as a System, Profession and Culture: The Perception of Journalism Students Journal Article

Media Research, 22 (2), pp. 83-105, 2016.

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