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Content Analysis, Journalism, Media Effetcs, News Framing, Political Communication, Quantitative Methods, Survey Experiments, Trust
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University of Bergen


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Erik Knudsen is a researcher at the MediaFutures Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation. He did his postdoc at the Digital Social Science Core Facility (DIGSSCORE) and hold a PhD from the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen, Norway. Much of his research innvolves methodological innovation and explores patterns and effects of news and political communicationtrust in journalism, and exposure to like-minded information, and polarization and fragmentation. He is founder and PI of the Norwegian Journalism Panel and the interdisciplinary Political Communication Research Group at DIGSSCORE. His work has appeared in Political CommunicationJournalismDigital Journalism, Scandinavian Political Studies, and other peer-reviewed journals.  

Qualifications: Journalism, political communication, selective exposure, affective polarization, framing, agenda setting, media effects, news values, media logics and mediatisation of politics, quantitative content analysis, experimental research design, public opinion and survey research.


/ Publications

Publications from 2020 and before are not direct results of the SFI MediaFutures, but are key results from our team members working on related topics in MediaFutures.


Towards Responsible Media Recommendation Journal Article

Elahi, Mehdi; Jannach, Dietmar; Skjærven, Lars; Knudsen, Erik; Sjøvaag, Helle; Tolonen, Kristian; Holmstad, Øyvind; Pipkin, Igor; Throndsen, Eivind; Stenbom, Agnes; Fiskerud, Eivind; Oesch, Adrian; Vredenberg, Loek; Trattner, Christoph

AI and Ethics , 2021.

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How The Public Understands News Media Trust: An Open-ended Approach Journal Article

Knudsen, Erik; Dahlberg, Stefan; Iversen, Magnus H; Johannesson, Mikael P; Nygaard, Silje

Journalism, (April 2021), pp. 1-17, 2021.

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