Marija Slavkovik is a professor at the University of Bergen in Norway. Her area of research is Artificial Intelligence (AI) with expertise in collective reasoning. Slavkovik is active in the AI subdisciplines of: multi-agent systems, machine ethics and computational social choice. Slavkovik believes that the world can be improved by automating away the boring, repetitive and dangerous human tasks and that AI has a crucial role to play towards this goal. In AI, the big problem she hopes to solve is the efficient self-coordination of systems of artificial intelligent agents. In machine ethics, Slavkovik is active in engineering machine ethics problems – How can we build autonomous systems and artificial agents that behave ethically? Want to know what is happening in machine ethics since it stopped being an SF-only topic? There is a tutorial for that. Slavkovik co-organised a Dagstuhl Seminar in 2019 on this topic. She is also one of the guest editors of the Special Issue on Ethics for Autonomous Systems of the AI Journal. Slavkovik is  the vice-chair of the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society and member of the informal advisory group on Ethical, Legal, Social Issues  of CLAIRE. She is in the education committee of NORA currently working on developing a national phd course on AI ethics.