Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Ellen Ingeborg Hætta

We have three hot seats (for visitors, professors, etc), two soundproof pods and one meeting room. All these resources can be reserved in Outlook calendar by UiB employees.

Make a reservation

  • PC: In Outlook calendar > New event > In the field “Search for a room or location” > type: MediaFutures > Browse with room finder > Choose the room you want to book. 
  • Mobile: In Outlook calendar > Press + sign to create new event > In the field “People”> type: MediaFutures > Browse in catalogue > Choose the room you want to book. NB on mobile you cannot set the location to book a room. You must invite the room as a person as described above! 

Check for availability:

  • Outlook calendar view > Add calendar > Add from directory > search for MediaFutures > press search discovery > and select the relevant room.  

This needs to be done only once.  

Other info

  • NB: The reservations are for MediaFutures (and associated) staff only.  
  • Guests cannot book the room themselves, please ask MediaFutures staff at UiB to help you.
  • If a pod or room is free – you may use it. If someone booked it, please respect the reservation.  
  • Please only use pods for phone or video meetings and group discussions. You cannot sit in the pod all day without a reason. Someone else may need to make a call or discuss with a colleague.