The Fonn Group AS

Fonn Group is a technology group headquartered in Media City Bergen,
Norway, and with an office in New York City. The group invests in companies
delivering production and journalistic tools for the media and
entertainment industry. In the Fonn Group portfolio you find software
companies Mjoll and 7Mountains and Mediability, a professional equipment
reseller and systems integrator.

Mjoll offers Mimir, a cloud-based media management and production tools for
journalists and video editors. Mimir is used by broadcasters, media houses,
production companies and other organizations in need of a smart media
management solution. Mimir customers are, amongst others Al Arabiya News
Channel, Danish Radio, IMG Norway and IMG Sweden, TV 2/FYN, Sky News
Australia, and Ausbiz. Mimir is awarded the TVBEurope Best of Show 2020 IBC
Showcase award.

7Mountains offers DiNA, a cloud news and storytelling tool for journalists.
DiNA is built from the ground up using modern cloud based-technology and
with the end user in mind. DiNA launched for the international market early
2020 and is in use by several broadcasters.
May I ask what the target audience for this website is? I am just wondering
if it makes sense to list myself as the general contact person for Fonn
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Media City Bergen
Lars Hilles gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway