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Work Package Advisor and Key Researcher
Fields of Competence
Journalism studies, audience studies, qualitative research, popular communication
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WP1: Understanding Media Experiences
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


/ Biography

Irene Costera Meijer is Professor of Journalism Studies and head of the Journalism Studies section at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is a world leading journalism and media scholar having recently set the agenda for the audience turn in journalism studies. Her research appeared in many journals and books and focuses on what news users value about journalism.  She also works as a professor II at the Research group for Media Use and Audience Studies of the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at University of Bergen. 

Her research interests focus on audience studies and in particular on the impact of digitalization on changing practices of media consumption, media experiences and news use. When doing research she often collaborates with media organisations.  This makes it easier to translate scholarly results into relevant suggestions for every day professional practices and vice versa, understanding the fundamental dilemmas of professional practices and translating these into academic publications. Costera Meijer is also on the editorial board of the academic journals Digital Journalism and Journalism Practice.

/ Publications

Publications from 2020 and before are not direct results of the SFI MediaFutures, but are key results from our team members working on related topics in MediaFutures.


Changing news use. Unchanged news experiences? Book

Irene Costera Meijer; Tim Groot Kormelink

Routledge, 2020, ISBN: 9780367485788, (Pre SFI).

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Changing News Use. Unchanged news experiences? Book

Irene Costera Meijer; Tim Groot Kormelink

1st, Routledge, London & New York, 2020, ISBN: 9781003041719, (Pre SFI).

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Journalism, Audiences and News Experience Book Chapter

Irene Costera Meijer

Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin; Hanitzsch, Thomas (Ed.): Chapter 25, pp. 389-405, Routledge, 2nd, 2019, ISBN: 9781315167497, (Pre SFI).

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“Practicing Audience-Centred Journalism Research.” Book Chapter

Irene Costera Meijer

Witschge, T; Anderson, C W; Domingo, D; Hermida, A (Ed.): Chapter 36, pp. 546-561, Sage, 55 City Road, London, 2016, ISBN: 9781473906532, (Pre SFI).

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Checking, sharing, clicking and linking: Changing patterns of news use between 2004 and 2014. Journal Article

Irene Costera Meijer; Tim Groot Kormelink

Digital Journalism, 3 (5), pp. 664-679, 2014, ISSN: 2167-0811, (Pre SFI).

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